The Results are in

The Results are in…

I finally got a few pictures back from a project we worked on in Frasier, Colorado. The timbers were Douglas-Fir #1 FOHC and were supplied by Wood Source. Engineering and shop drawings were done by Structural Resources and it took us about ten days to cut & assemble four trusses, as well as all brackets and loose timbers.

Quality starts in the shop

This project was unique in the fact that we contracted to design, engineer and fabricate the trusses and roof framing members, but the installation was done by a local builder. So it was important to make sure that all the trusses were cut and assembled as finished products and all the builder had to do was raise and set them in place.

Another Happy Customer!

Overall, our customer, the builder and the homeowners were quite happy with the quality of our hand crafted timber work. However, the builder had to unexpectedly spend some time fine tuning the purlin & ridge pockets. Typically, we anticipate having to do this in the field to get a tight fit. I guess we’ll chalk it up to a learning experience and know to determine a better solution on the next project.