The key to being a successful general contractor boils down to organization & coordination. A general contractor has knowledge of the building process, building codes, individual trades, and most importantly, is able to see the “big picture”.

A well-defined scope of work for each trade and sub-contractor will often reduce, if not eliminate, the potential for items being missed. Staying on schedule and on budget requires the gc to be well organized. Changes, delays and simple miscommunication can quickly divert a project off course. Having the foresight to anticipate and avoid these setbacks is of the utmost importance.

Over the past 30 years, I have worked for several general contractors, focusing on a wide variety of construction phases. Though we don’t have an extensive list of vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors, the ones we have chosen to work with have a knowledge and expertise in their particular scope that is unmatched. And they are truly part of our team!

I am currently in the process of studying for the ICC – Class “B” exam, which would allow me to build commercial, as well as residential projects. I am planning on testing this fall, and should be up and running soon after.

When it comes to construction, there is a lot going on at once – a juggling act of controlled chaos that requires constant attention and instinctive timing. A general contractor can be compared to a conductor orchestrating a symphony, without the tux.