Timber Frame Engineering

I’ve been a licensed engineer in Colorado since 2008, when I passed the exam on the first try! But my start in engineering dates back to 1992, when I established Structural Resources and marketed our company as “design and sales of wood & steel structural components and systems.” Acting as independent representatives for various manufacturing facilities, we were able to get better pricing and purchase materials from our vendors who were outside the NY/NJ metro area. Even with the additional shipping costs, we were still extremely competitive in our local market.

Working with architects, engineers and builders, in addition to the manufactures’ designers, we still had a major part in system layout, shop drawings and product selection. This is where I learned the concept of “value engineering”. Value is the ratio of function to cost. Timber frame engineering value can therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost. There were many projects on which we modified the original design and provided an alternative product or framing system or both, often resulting in a huge cost savings for the client.

I’ll be the first to admit that there are a lot of engineers out there that know much more than I do and design structures so complex that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But what sets me apart from others is my experience in the field and the practical approach I bring to the table, particularly with residential and timber frame engineering. You see, I’ve framed houses and cut timbers, and with that comes a knowledge you can’t learn from a book!