General Contractors

Why should contractors hire Kenai Timberframes when they may have talented carpenters and craftsmen on their team? Knowledge, experience & tools!

There are a lot of talented carpenters out there who are more than capable of figuring out the complex angles that are often encountered in timber framing as well as doing quality work. However, these complex angles are magnified when applied to larger timbers and their connections, not to mention the adjustments required when the timber are not perfectly square or the sizes vary.

Another issue with larger timbers is how they react to changes in climate – particularly temperature & humidity. Unless your timbers are radio frequency kiln-dried, they will shrink due to the loss of moisture. This will cause the timbers to not only shrink, but check, split, crack and twist. Selection of each timber for its specific use in the frame and the orientation of each timber to minimize the impact of these defects on the structural integrity of the timber is critical. Proper peg location will also minimize any gaps that may develop when the timbers shrink. These are just a few of the things a timber framer must consider, and will only learn through experience.

Beam saw, chain mortiser, drill guides, slicks, tenon cutters, portable band saw – these are just a few of the items required to cut a timber frame project, but probably won’t find in a carpenter’s tool box. Some of these tools are very expensive, and it’s hard to justify investing in these if you don’t have the volume of work.

Kenai Timberframes has these tools, knowledge & experience. We’ve invested the money, we know how to make the adjustments for a tighter fit and we know where to locate the pegs. I remember the first project I did that had hip & valley rafters. I spent several days scratching my head, trying to figure out how to transfer all the complex angles from the computer to an 8×12 timber. The results were several sleepless nights, a few less hairs and a substantial amount of lost revenue. This doesn’t have to happen to the contractor. Let Kenai Timberframes take on this phase of the project.