Ramping Up for a Big Year

Spring is right around the corner! So if you’re thinking about building a timber frame home, it’s time to get things in the works. We are currently engineering a custom home in Longmont, Colorado and should be wrapping this project up within the next few weeks.

New additions to the Family

We’ve recently added a few tools to our arsenal. The first was a 16” Makita beam saw, which has already started paying for itself with a project we worked on last fall. Next are a small 3500 watt generator and a Mafell portable band saw – top of the line and an essential piece of equipment. Last, but certainly not least, is a new (well, new for me) Ford F-150. With a towing capacity over 11,000 pounds, moving timbers should be a piece of cake.

On the design & engineering side, Structural Resources has upgraded as well. We’ve recently made the switch over to Visual Analysis, an FEA (finite element analysis) design software which allows us to create and analyze 3D models for accurately and efficiently designed timber frame structures. The program is very user friendly and the learning curve has been relatively smooth.

Projects starting to roll in

In addition to the Longmont project, we’ve recently landed the engineering for a timber frame entry on a commercial project in Broomfield, CO and are negotiating a timber truss project in the Frasier Valley near Winter Park (engineering & fabrication).

Once again, things are starting to get busy. So if you have an interest timber construction, or are in need of design & engineering services, please give us a call.