Why Choose Kenai Timber Frames?

If you’re interested in building a timber frame home and you’re not sure where to start, consider the following questions:
  • What are the steps required in designing and building a timber frame home?
  • How many people are involved in this process?
  • What will be my responsibilities as a homeowner to make this happen?

I would venture to guess that for most homeowners, this is the first time you’ve decided to build your own home. Since we are not realtors nor developers, my first suggestion would be to acquire property, if you haven’t done so already.

The next step would be to come up with a design. If you’ve been thinking about or planning this for a while, you probably have already done your research and possibly have a floor plan and/or frame design you like.

My second suggestion would be to hire an architect. Kenai Timber Frames has several architects that we have worked with over the years that specialize in timber design. So if you don’t have or can’t find an architect, we can certainly point you in the right direction.

From this point forward, leave the rest to us. Kenai Timber Frames will work closely with the architect to develop a plan that is both economical and structurally sound. As a licensed professional, I have been engineering timber frame as well as conventionally framed homes for the past 10 years

I am currently in the process of studying for the ICC Class B general contracting exam, and anticipate getting licensed shortly thereafter. I feel it’s time to put my 30 years in the construction industry to better use.

So, if we add timber frame fabrication & installation to the mix, Kenai Timber Frames is essentially a one-stop shop. We can design and engineer not only the timber frame but your entire home, we’ll cut & raise the frame and manage the project to completion.

Kenai Timber Frames is a small company, so we only commit to a few projects each year. This allows us to give your project our full attention, focusing on every detail.

We realize that you have options. You can certainly go with one of the bigger, national timber frame companies. Typically, these larger companies spend a lot of money on marketing & advertising, have a large staff to “service all of your needs” and may even come out to assess the site. Many have invested in top of the line technology – automated saws that cut all the timbers with precision & accuracy and can cost up to $2 million dollars. Even if they’re somewhere else in the country, they’ll send a specialized crew to install the frame, but you’ll have to hire a local builder for the rest of the project. To me, this sure sounds like a lot of overhead and additional expenses that the homeowner eventually ens up paying for. And at the end of the project, will they even remember your name, or just the job number?

We at Kenai Timber Frames love what we do. Our knowledge, experience and passion for timber frame construction are what continue to drive us to be the best we can be. I often tell our clients that the commitment and dedication we bring to not only each project, but the craft, is the same as if it were my own home!