Benefits Of A Timber Frame

The aesthetics of the wood are what draw most to timber frame construction. You feel surrounded by the immensity of the wood and its unique joinery. This method of notching out the timbers, fitting them together and pegging them is a much stronger and more stable method than post and beam or conventionally framed structures. Also, timber frames far exceed the design life expectancy of stick built homes, which can be as short as 50 years or less.

Timber frames are known to be the most economical and efficient form of construction. Wood is a natural and renewable material. Fabrication in a controlled environment allows for timbers to be produced at the highest level of accuracy & quality, also resulting in less waste than typical construction. Pre-fitting the timbers ensures faster on-site assembly, resulting in reduced labor costs and risk exposure.

Implementing larger timbers to create the skeleton of the structure allows for and enclosing the walls & roof of the frame with structural insulated panels called SIPS can reduce heating & cooling demands, resulting in smaller mechanical systems while reducing energy costs up to 50% or more.

Probably the most appealing benefit is the increased design flexibility. Because the timbers act as the supporting structure, there is no need for interior bearing walls, which opens up the space to whatever layout desired.

Why do I like timber frames? They’re uniquely beautiful and really cool!