Introduction to Kenai Timberframes

It’s Official

After two years of planning & preparation, I’m excited to finally launch Kenai Timberframes. I’ve been designing & engineering timber fames for the past 9 years, when I got the opportunity to sketch a couple of pergolas for a longtime colleague and good friend of mine. The next thing I knew, I was in the shop to help cut the frame. And of course I had to be on site for the raising!

From there, things just snowballed. We got the opportunity to design, engineer & fabricate a storage barn along with a small guest house and breezeway for a great client in Boulder County. These several projects prompted us to put together a small team of highly skilled & experienced carpenters, who I now consider good friends.

And the work keeps coming in!

Within the last 10 months, we’ve worked on a multitude of projects of all shapes and sizes. These include a small timber porch and several decorative brackets for a builder in Denver and a remodel, which reclaimed timbers were incorporated into the design & structure. But the most challenging project was an entry monument into Erie Highlands—a new development being built by Oakwood Homes. I guess Oakwood was happy with the monument project, because we are currently in the shop cutting two picnic pavilions for their Erie Highlands & Thompson River Ranch subdivisions.

A lot more to do…

As happy as I am about the amount of work we have already generated through word of mouth, there’s still a lot more to be done. As if starting a new business isn’t enough, I’m also trying to juggle an established engineering company, Structural Resources, constructing a website and learning about social media. I would like to post newsletter updates (I’ve learned they’re called blogs now) once a month. So I’ll do my best to make that happen. In the meantime, please check out our website to see more about Kenai Timberframes.